He who seeketh, findeth

December 12, 2010


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Who am I?

Why am I here?

Why am I sad?

Why am I happy?

Why am I right?

Is this the correct time to take this action?

What is motivating my thinking?

Why am I hurt?

Why is this song so beautiful to me?

Why do I want to cry?

Why is that voice so beautiful?

Why is this happening at this time?

Could I do better?

Is this the best I could give?

How would I feel if our positions were switched?

Do I do that?

Do I need help?

Why am I this sinful?

What do I believe?

What are my habits?

What do I want to change?

What is my most memorable event with this person?

What are my blessings?

What should I focus on?

What motivates me?

Who should I talk to?

What are my achievements?

When I look back at this time, how will I feel?

What could I do without?

What is essential?

Is this rational?

What do I know?

What knowledge am I lacking?

What can I control?

How long will this last?

What did I accomplish today?

Why do I deserve it?

How do I develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically?

Where am I going?

What’s my life’s game plan?


December 4, 2010

Touched by The Cross… a sweet feeling!

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One of the sweetest things is experiencing an old sweet memory… Walking down a road that you walked before and had lots of fun doing it, and experiencing the same feeling as you are doing it – of course, enhanced by the sweet memory and the knowledge of what to expect. May be hugging somebody you haven’t hugged in a while, and knowing that the hug expresses your sweet mutual feelings for each other.
It has been a while since I touched The Cross on my Rosary… I touched it, and it had a familiar feel. Out of habit, I think my hand just knows where to go, and I would like to think that The Cross responds (or so I think). Considering the belief and history behind The Cross, it does not appear too far-fetched to say that The Cross has touched me… and it is a sweet feeling!

November 16, 2010

Delaying gratification

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I would like to be able to delay gratification in the following way:
To keep quiet when I really want to speak.
To say something nice when I really want to say something negative.
To suppress my desires when I really want to exercise them.
To keep when I really want to get rid of.
To dispose when I really want to keep.
To rest when I really want to run.
To run when I really want to sleep.
To embrace when I really want to walk away.
To delay when I desire it now.
To do it now when I really want to procrastinate.
To have hope when it seems dire.
To focus on the downside when I am really optimistic.
To invest when I want to spend.
To give it away when I want to hoard.
To pray when I really want to sin.

November 13, 2010

Kindness as a way of life

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What if I tried to make kindness the driver behind my actions? Is it possible to be kind and detached?

November 12, 2010

Freedom from attachment

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May I live without attachments.
Enjoy the things that I have but be ready to let them go.
Be able to lose what I have without getting distraught at the loss.
Care for what I have but not be attached.
Love the people in my life, my family and friends, but not be unhappy when they are not around.
Care for them but not be attached.
Empathize but not be swept in emotion.
Enjoy the company of my friends and family, but continue to be happy in their absence.
Be happy making money, but be just as happy when it is all gone, spent or not spent.
Be glad that I have a job, but be free to walk away if I need to, or I am let go.
Be free to speak the truth without worrying about the consequences.
Choose who I associate with.
Choose how I spend my time.
Subdue emotion to the intellect, but not lose my heart.
Enjoy beautiful moments but not be a slave to their memories or fantasies.
Keep my word but never make promises.
Work to be only better than my old self, but help those who may need my help to be better than their old selves.
Appreciate each day I am alive, but reconcile myself to the fact that some day, I will die.

Is this the key to happiness? Is this inconsistent? Is this possible? Is detachment absolute or relative?

Inspired by the writings of Anthony De Mello…

November 10, 2010

Why have you left me?

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We read stories of people who walked with God and for one reason or another, the Lord left them for a little bit. One most memorable example is Christ, who cried and asked, “my Lord, why have you left me?”, or something to that effect.
I would like to look at how it feels when you are left by somebody you really care about, you really love, you don’t want him or her to leave,…
Children may give us a good example. When a parent or caretaker is leaving (them), they will usually cry or be sad, especially when they do not know if, or when, the person will come back. 
If you have ever loved or formed a close bond with somebody, you may know how it feels when this person is no longer around.
Now, imagine being left by somebody who is millions of times better? Imagine this person to be one who truly understood your everything? Who was always there,… knew exactly what to say, do, … and nothing could describe raison d’être better than this. Imagine this person being part of you. You have always been with this person. You walk, live, plan, think, … together. You even designed this particular event together. Now, imagine that the whole world is on the other side. It doesn’t understand you, it plans against you, it wants to kill you, it has arrested you, it is beating you, it is unfairly treating you, it is being cruel to you, it has put you on trial, and it is going to kill you on the cross…
When you combine the feeling of being left by your closest “friend”, with that of being taunted and abused, you get an idea of the feelings that the Lord had. Why have you left me?
Does the Lord ask this question today? I think He does. He does so when we forget Him and/or live without Him.
Why have you left me?

Little Kings

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We read of stories that the Lord took/chose somebody of humble beginnings and made him a great king, a great father, a great leader, a great mother, a great teacher, … a person of great influence. Now, is the Lord still doing this today? Yes, He is! If you pay close attention to your life, your friend’s life, your work life, your country’s life, and the world at large, you will notice that there are all these people, who at one time or another, could not have even thought or dreamt of being anywhere close to where they are today. One could come up with various non-spiritual reasons; however, I believe that God made it all happen.
Even though our names and life stories are not in the Bible (as far as we know), we are chosen, we are favored, we are little kings.

November 8, 2010

Raison d’être

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You are the reason I do what I do.

I think about you all the time.

You make me smile, laugh, cry, stop in my tracks.

I look forward to being with you, seeing you, thinking about you.

I find joy in you. I find sadness in you. I find meaning in you.

I find myself when you are there. I feel lost when you are gone.

I could talk with you forever. I could be with you forever. I could love you forever.

I could listen to you forever.

I know I could do all that because I already do. I have done it for so long, and I do not tire.

I only want to live if you will live. I only want to be there, if you will be there.

All this is true only if you feel the same.

I know you feel the same because you have said so.

Is it me, Lord?

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When I most think it is not me, it could be me.

When I most want it to be me, it may not be me.

When I am most sure, it may be time to make room for doubt.

When I am most doubtful, it may be time for hope.

When I am sure I know the answer, I still have to ask, “Is it me, Lord?”

March 10, 2010

Thank you, God, for this plentiful food!

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Today, I went to Whitespot and I ordered a pilaf dish to go… and when I got to my room, and opened the to go “box”, I thought the food was not as much as it would have been had I stayed in. A bunch of thoughts crossed my mind. Some good, some not; some analytical, some nonsensical. I was eating while reading something on the Internet and before I knew it, I was done eating. 20 minutes later, I noticed that I was pretty full. Not too full, but full enough. I also know that if I had a little bit more food, I could have eaten it all, and may be I would be a little bit fuller, but I like how I feel right now better. Full enough. I also noticed that I did not say Grace before I ate. So, I said Grace afterwards.

I was wondering why I evaluated the food that was in front of me depending on the quantity. Actually, this has been an on going thing for the past couple of months. I am eating more, I am getting hungry frequently, and I consider the quantity of the food I am eating. I will not go for quantity over quality, but when the quality is the same, my next thing is quantity. Price is not really a big factor. I am thankful that even though I have been eating more, I have not gained any weight, but that is a physiological thing. I am digressing from what I wanted to write about.

I was wondering if, regardless of the quantity in front of me, I could thank God for it, and look at it as plentiful. It is actually plentiful if you think about it. I had none, now I have some. In addition, eating, like living, is a matter of attitude. My thoughts will determine how much I enjoy the food. If I start off “unhappy” with the food, (quantity or other reason), I may miss out on other enjoyable things about it.

All I want is “enough”. Enough food. Enough friends. Enough money. Enough knowledge. Not too much that I don’t have time to enjoy it or that I take away from other people, and not too little that I envy or worry or strive.

Thank you, God, for this plentiful food!

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