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December 19, 2010

What to say?

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A husband and his wife go out to a company dinner. They sit across from each other. The dinner is a little boring. The husband feels somebody’s legs against his, and he figures it is his wife. He takes off his shoes, puts his feet on the floor and the other person already has shoes off. The play with each others’ feet like this until the dinner is over and they have to go.
They hold hands on the way out, and he opens the car door for her, and goes around to get in the car. Before he drives off, he asks his wife where she would like the heat – on the side, down, or off. The wife sweetly responds that she would prefer the air to go down because her feet were cold. She continues to say that she had them tagged under her chair during the whole dinner. It was warmer under the chair than under the table.
The husband, mouth agape, squints. The wife, chuckling, leans over and kisses him. They drive off.


December 12, 2010


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Who am I?

Why am I here?

Why am I sad?

Why am I happy?

Why am I right?

Is this the correct time to take this action?

What is motivating my thinking?

Why am I hurt?

Why is this song so beautiful to me?

Why do I want to cry?

Why is that voice so beautiful?

Why is this happening at this time?

Could I do better?

Is this the best I could give?

How would I feel if our positions were switched?

Do I do that?

Do I need help?

Why am I this sinful?

What do I believe?

What are my habits?

What do I want to change?

What is my most memorable event with this person?

What are my blessings?

What should I focus on?

What motivates me?

Who should I talk to?

What are my achievements?

When I look back at this time, how will I feel?

What could I do without?

What is essential?

Is this rational?

What do I know?

What knowledge am I lacking?

What can I control?

How long will this last?

What did I accomplish today?

Why do I deserve it?

How do I develop intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically?

Where am I going?

What’s my life’s game plan?

December 4, 2010

Touched by The Cross… a sweet feeling!

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One of the sweetest things is experiencing an old sweet memory… Walking down a road that you walked before and had lots of fun doing it, and experiencing the same feeling as you are doing it – of course, enhanced by the sweet memory and the knowledge of what to expect. May be hugging somebody you haven’t hugged in a while, and knowing that the hug expresses your sweet mutual feelings for each other.
It has been a while since I touched The Cross on my Rosary… I touched it, and it had a familiar feel. Out of habit, I think my hand just knows where to go, and I would like to think that The Cross responds (or so I think). Considering the belief and history behind The Cross, it does not appear too far-fetched to say that The Cross has touched me… and it is a sweet feeling!

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