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November 10, 2010

Why have you left me?

Filed under: Meditation — Steve (Chessiq) @ 4:26 am

We read stories of people who walked with God and for one reason or another, the Lord left them for a little bit. One most memorable example is Christ, who cried and asked, “my Lord, why have you left me?”, or something to that effect.
I would like to look at how it feels when you are left by somebody you really care about, you really love, you don’t want him or her to leave,…
Children may give us a good example. When a parent or caretaker is leaving (them), they will usually cry or be sad, especially when they do not know if, or when, the person will come back. 
If you have ever loved or formed a close bond with somebody, you may know how it feels when this person is no longer around.
Now, imagine being left by somebody who is millions of times better? Imagine this person to be one who truly understood your everything? Who was always there,… knew exactly what to say, do, … and nothing could describe raison d’être better than this. Imagine this person being part of you. You have always been with this person. You walk, live, plan, think, … together. You even designed this particular event together. Now, imagine that the whole world is on the other side. It doesn’t understand you, it plans against you, it wants to kill you, it has arrested you, it is beating you, it is unfairly treating you, it is being cruel to you, it has put you on trial, and it is going to kill you on the cross…
When you combine the feeling of being left by your closest “friend”, with that of being taunted and abused, you get an idea of the feelings that the Lord had. Why have you left me?
Does the Lord ask this question today? I think He does. He does so when we forget Him and/or live without Him.
Why have you left me?


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