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November 26, 2010

The greatest investor – on love

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“The only way to get love is to be lovable…. The more you give love away, the more you get.” – Warren Buffett [The Snowball – Alice Schroeder]


November 16, 2010

Delaying gratification

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I would like to be able to delay gratification in the following way:
To keep quiet when I really want to speak.
To say something nice when I really want to say something negative.
To suppress my desires when I really want to exercise them.
To keep when I really want to get rid of.
To dispose when I really want to keep.
To rest when I really want to run.
To run when I really want to sleep.
To embrace when I really want to walk away.
To delay when I desire it now.
To do it now when I really want to procrastinate.
To have hope when it seems dire.
To focus on the downside when I am really optimistic.
To invest when I want to spend.
To give it away when I want to hoard.
To pray when I really want to sin.

November 13, 2010

Kindness as a way of life

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What if I tried to make kindness the driver behind my actions? Is it possible to be kind and detached?

November 12, 2010

Freedom from attachment

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May I live without attachments.
Enjoy the things that I have but be ready to let them go.
Be able to lose what I have without getting distraught at the loss.
Care for what I have but not be attached.
Love the people in my life, my family and friends, but not be unhappy when they are not around.
Care for them but not be attached.
Empathize but not be swept in emotion.
Enjoy the company of my friends and family, but continue to be happy in their absence.
Be happy making money, but be just as happy when it is all gone, spent or not spent.
Be glad that I have a job, but be free to walk away if I need to, or I am let go.
Be free to speak the truth without worrying about the consequences.
Choose who I associate with.
Choose how I spend my time.
Subdue emotion to the intellect, but not lose my heart.
Enjoy beautiful moments but not be a slave to their memories or fantasies.
Keep my word but never make promises.
Work to be only better than my old self, but help those who may need my help to be better than their old selves.
Appreciate each day I am alive, but reconcile myself to the fact that some day, I will die.

Is this the key to happiness? Is this inconsistent? Is this possible? Is detachment absolute or relative?

Inspired by the writings of Anthony De Mello…

November 10, 2010

Why have you left me?

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We read stories of people who walked with God and for one reason or another, the Lord left them for a little bit. One most memorable example is Christ, who cried and asked, “my Lord, why have you left me?”, or something to that effect.
I would like to look at how it feels when you are left by somebody you really care about, you really love, you don’t want him or her to leave,…
Children may give us a good example. When a parent or caretaker is leaving (them), they will usually cry or be sad, especially when they do not know if, or when, the person will come back. 
If you have ever loved or formed a close bond with somebody, you may know how it feels when this person is no longer around.
Now, imagine being left by somebody who is millions of times better? Imagine this person to be one who truly understood your everything? Who was always there,… knew exactly what to say, do, … and nothing could describe raison d’être better than this. Imagine this person being part of you. You have always been with this person. You walk, live, plan, think, … together. You even designed this particular event together. Now, imagine that the whole world is on the other side. It doesn’t understand you, it plans against you, it wants to kill you, it has arrested you, it is beating you, it is unfairly treating you, it is being cruel to you, it has put you on trial, and it is going to kill you on the cross…
When you combine the feeling of being left by your closest “friend”, with that of being taunted and abused, you get an idea of the feelings that the Lord had. Why have you left me?
Does the Lord ask this question today? I think He does. He does so when we forget Him and/or live without Him.
Why have you left me?

Little Kings

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We read of stories that the Lord took/chose somebody of humble beginnings and made him a great king, a great father, a great leader, a great mother, a great teacher, … a person of great influence. Now, is the Lord still doing this today? Yes, He is! If you pay close attention to your life, your friend’s life, your work life, your country’s life, and the world at large, you will notice that there are all these people, who at one time or another, could not have even thought or dreamt of being anywhere close to where they are today. One could come up with various non-spiritual reasons; however, I believe that God made it all happen.
Even though our names and life stories are not in the Bible (as far as we know), we are chosen, we are favored, we are little kings.

November 8, 2010

Raison d’être

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You are the reason I do what I do.

I think about you all the time.

You make me smile, laugh, cry, stop in my tracks.

I look forward to being with you, seeing you, thinking about you.

I find joy in you. I find sadness in you. I find meaning in you.

I find myself when you are there. I feel lost when you are gone.

I could talk with you forever. I could be with you forever. I could love you forever.

I could listen to you forever.

I know I could do all that because I already do. I have done it for so long, and I do not tire.

I only want to live if you will live. I only want to be there, if you will be there.

All this is true only if you feel the same.

I know you feel the same because you have said so.

Is it me, Lord?

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When I most think it is not me, it could be me.

When I most want it to be me, it may not be me.

When I am most sure, it may be time to make room for doubt.

When I am most doubtful, it may be time for hope.

When I am sure I know the answer, I still have to ask, “Is it me, Lord?”

November 7, 2010

The Lord Who Answers Prayer

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There are times when we pray for something but we don’t/won’t know what the Lord has done for us in response to our prayer. For example, if we pray for peace of mind even when nothing is troubling us, we may not know what the Lord has done to get us through this day with peace of mind. It could be that there is somebody who could have messed up our day if he or she had called you. However, as the Lord would have it, this person forgot to charge his or her cellphone and it is dead, and may not have access to a phone until this one is recharged. We may never know of this incident, and we may never thank God for this particular day.

We may pray for a happy family, happy relationship, and other needs along those lines. If you think about it, you will realize that there are a lot of things that need to go right for a happy family or happy relationship to exist. For example, some of the things may be: good health, access to resources, fidelity, honesty, empathy, helpfulness, togetherness, sharing, and love.

Let us look at a few of these items and see how the Lord may play a role that we never know that he intervened to protect us and maintain our happiness.

Good health: there are so many ways one could contract disease without knowing that one is exposed to it. How the Lord manages to keep us from diseases that would bring down our immune system, or which our immune system is not yet ready to handle, only He knows. We don’t think twice about, we don’t know what He did, and we may not thank Him for a day gone that we are not sick. However, when we consider how our life is like when we are sick or our dear ones are sick, we realize how much of a favor we have received.

Access to resources: what could you not do without? A job, food, water, car, friends, electricity, internet, computer, the government? Whatever it is, if it is there every day, you start taking it for granted and you forget what it takes for it to work together so that you are happy, or at least needless in that specific instance. What does it take for you to still have a job? For example, if you work for a company that is owned by your boss, and it is just you and your boss… have your considered what would happened if he died? If you would lose your job and the business or company would end, do you thank God for your boss’ life or good health? If you work for a big company, do you thank God that your company is not Enron? That you have a CEO, CFO, and other top executives who are not cooking the books and stealing money, and could risk the lives and careers of so many people? Who gives these people life, a conscience, drive, ingenuity to make the company truly profitable? How did this team come together? Who maintains it?

Fidelity: What does it take to be faithful? Who helps you to be faithful? What circumstances would make you or your partner unfaithful? Who makes sure that your path is clear of temptations? Who gives you or your partner the support system to remain faithful? Who clears your mind of sinful thoughts?

Honesty: Are there times when you would not tell the truth? Are there questions that you would not answer truthfully? How often do you have to lie or asked questions you cannot truthfully answer? Who clears your path so that you don’t have to deal with these situations?

We can go on and on and find ways in which the Lord answers our prayers, or clears our paths of danger, but we don’t think about it, we don’t notice it, and we don’t thank Him for it. He doesn’t stop answering the prayers, and in most instances, He doesn’t even wait for a prayer, He just does it for us.

So whatever is going on, we have to remember that our prayers are answered.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you found that helpful.

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