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October 25, 2009

An interesting article on the belief in God

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I read an interesting article on the belief in God at http://25yearsofprogramming.com/blog/20061206.htm some of the ideas include the following:

Title: “How did a belief in god begin and why is it so universal and enduring?”

Questions raised and answered, and other ideas:

“It is human instinct to believe all occurrences are intentionally caused.”

“Psychologists say children want authority, guidance, and reassurance. Grown-ups want those things, too.”

“Dreams and voices in people’s heads personify the great unknown.”

“Intermittent reward is the strongest type of reinforcement.”

“Reward for what? How did prayer begin?”

“What is intermittent reward?”

“Sacrifice inspires commitment.”

“Conclusion: if gods didn’t exist, humans would create them.”


October 18, 2009

Ubi Caritas et Amor Deus ibi est

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Here is a link to what the song means

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