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August 20, 2009

CPA Exam REG prep continues … 8/20/09

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Last night (or this morning),

12:30am – 12:50am Bankruptcy MCQs 1 – 3 (I also “printed” a PDF file of the whole session, the questions, answer options, answer questions, and testlinks. I found out that this was quicker than printing and saving a question at a time and then combining the files later on. Duh! The only problem is that it is not focused on the areas that I would like to review. Anyway, may be it’s best that I save time now, and then pick and choose what I review later on.)

7:00am – 7:30am Backruptcy MCQs 3 – 10

Lunch with team.

5:56pm – 7:31pm Bankruptcy MCQs 11 – 45. Done with it. I will probably need to review the “exceptions” e.g. what a trustee cannot do, what cannot be discharged, etc.

7:50pm – 8:39pm Commercial Paper MCQs 1 – 22

Break to walk-around, grab something to eat, read the Wall Street Journal. Learnt that the SEC is playing catch-up, technology-wise, when it comes to the advances in trading.

8:58pm – 10:44pm Commercial Paper MCQs 23 – 65. Done with it. Need to review Holder in Due Course (HDC). I think I will be okay even if I just read the summaries on “real defenses” and “personal defenses”.

Today, I decided to give myself three challenges:

1 – No Internet until 10pm (unless it was work related and even then, it had to be something that was critical to my work, for example, printing bank statements to reconcile cash.)

2 – Sit up straight.

3 – No touching my face.

The last two are a problem, especially when I am thinking or focusing and I am burrowing through the monitor! I would say, I was 75% okay on the last two, and 100% on the first one! It was not easy at all. I will try to repeat these goals tomorrow and may be until I take the exam. I will elaborate on the benefits later.

Now, let me check my email and other blogs before I head out!

Here is how my spreadsheet looks:

Chessiq's study progress 08.20.09

It is a wonderful life!


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