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August 17, 2009

CPA Exam prep continues… 8/17/09

Filed under: CPA,REG — Steve (Chessiq) @ 10:56 pm

1:52PM – 2:52PM Lunch & went through Module22 Secured Transactions. Did 17 of the 34MCQs.

Roughly, 6pm – 7pm: relax a little. Read email, twitter, etc – found out that REG wave 1 is out (from Jeff at another71.com.

Watched the first minutes of “Nurturing Creativity: at TED. The other 10 minutes will by my reward for doing a couple of hours of studying REG.


7:10pm – 8:01pm completed Module 30, Secured Transactions. 34MCQ, 73.53%.

I am a little tired since I slept at 2:30am last night. I left work at around midnight, got home around 12:30am, Ate a little bit; probably almonds, and did the Federal Securities Acts and Antitrust Law Module. I am taking notes as I am studying, so it is taking a little bit longer than the budgeted 1 ½ minutes per MCQ. I think I am on schedule. I will now eat dinner – a samoosa – and then finish the TED video, 10 minutes or so, and then I will tackle my next Module. I have not decided what it will be.

8:34pm – My break is almost up. The TED video was inspiring. I have just learnt that I should not put off the ideas that come to my mind to blog about – most of which are spiritual in nature. It could be God speaking to me and asking me to write. So, once the exams are over, I will get back to blogging about non-CPA stuff.

Anyway, time to decide what to study next.

8:40PM – 10:00pm Module 34 – Transactions in Property. I am going to drive home and probably sleep. I will try to get up at 6am and finish module 34 off. 60MCQs.

It is a wonderful life!


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