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August 16, 2009

CPA Exam REG continues … 8/16/09

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I know I said I will not blog again until exam day… but I have changed my mind. No explanations. 😉

This post was being written [in Microsoft Word] as I was studying… so the times are almost exact to the minute except the last one. It was my way of tracking what I was doing and thinking… so coming up with it didn’t take much. Future posts will be much shorter, as I have come up with the game plan for the rest of the days; see below!


I decided to watch motivational videos, read some positive thinking articles, listen to productivity, self-improvement, wholesome things, and get back to reading my mission statement. This will be a daily routine. I will be doing some of the things between study sessions. I have analyzed the things that I like doing and I am going to use those as my rewards for the time I put in. Reading blogs, following soccer, munching almonds(!), talking to my girlfriend, dreaming about early retirement, etc. I have budgeted some time for each of those activities. One of the funniest is that I will earn 3 almonds for every hour I put in! So, at the end of the day, I may have 18 almonds waiting for me! Ha ha ha! Now, that sounds like a lot. We will see. It was wealth the drive to go and get 2 lbs of roasted unsalted almonds to last me til exam time in about 9 days. So, here we go!


3:30pm – 4:02pm Test Session 24 MCQs

4:02pm – 4:45pm Study Session 24MCQs (done above)

4:46pm – 5:00pm listened to “JUST STARTED” http://www.43folders.com/2009/08/04/enough

Get okay with the fact that you can suck at times. You just have to start. Don’t think about, don’t wish, don’t plan … Get started on something. START! Procrastination dash à Give it 5 minutes, and just do it for 5 minutes and see how far you go. à Do it regularly. Give it time.

5:02pm – 5:28pm Test Session 24 MCQs

5:35pm – 6:23pm Study Session 24MCQs (done above)

6:25pm – 7:00pm

Break to eat lunch/dinner.

Back to listening the podcast at http://www.43folders.com/2009/08/04/enough while eating lunch/dinner.

More takeaways (some paraphrased):

You have to exercise the muscle that’s hard to exercise

You have to keep working on it

Have some tolerance for hanging on even when you don’t know when things are going

You have everything you need right now

You don’t do stuff coz it’s easy, you do it because it is tough.

Polish it – ask what could this become?

We all want to be good, we all hate to suck

You get good at stuff when you care a lot about it, and doing it a lot

People are scared of knowing how good they may or may not be at something

Read: Fake Rocks, Salami Commanders, and Just Enough to Start and stopped at The Switch Flips. Break is over.

7:06pm – 7:31pm Test Session 24 MCQs

7:33pm – 8:21pm Study Session 24MCQs (done above)

8:25pm – 8:45pm I have just finished working on an Evernote Template that will use to track my study time. It is one similar to what I use to track my time/activities at work. I think it will come in handy in tracking stuff done.

Chessiq's Evernote study plan - 8/16/09 For me, the most important thing is not necessarily sticking to the budgeted time, but to get the work done. Sometimes I will beat the scheduled time, at other times I will go over. It is all okay. I was wondering if I am wasting my time by doing the Test Mode, and then going back to do the same questions in Study Mode. Obviously, the Study Mode cannot be eliminated because I need to know whether I have something right or wrong. So, that leaves the Test Mode as an elimination candidate. I decided I could not eliminate that one for two reasons. First, I am practicing doing 24 questions within 30 minutes, which is my goal for the exam. Second, I need to go through the questions without truly knowing how I have done, which is the case in the exam. In my previous exam, I found out that when I did the test mode last minute, after using the study mode for months, I was expecting an answer/explanation to show up after I clicked my choice! So, I think I am doing okay. I may, or may not finish reading all the study units before the exam. I didn’t finish Business Economics and Concepts, but I passed with an 87, so it can be done, if I apply myself and master whatever I study. My scores have not been great. Consistently around 58%, which sucks! However, I have only actually read and completed 4 Study Units, so anything from the remaining 16 Study Units is … new. I have to dig deep to my tax classes or business law classes to remember some of the stuff. No excuses. I am just saying, it is only going to get better in the next couple of days. Well, it is 9:02pm, so I should take a walk , get some water, and then come back to work on simulations.

9:21pm – 10:20pm Worked on Simulations – (Refer to above Evernote screenshot).

 10:20pm – 10:44pm Decided to figure out a way to touch all modules/chapters in the Wiley book even though I am using the Gleim TestPrep CD to prepare for the exam. So, I made copies of the Tables of Contents in the Wiley book. My original plan was to Mark S when I have done at least 2 simulations on the module, R when I have read the chapter for at least an hour, Q when I have done 60 multiple choice questions strictly on the chapter, and then make sure that every day, I do different S, Q, and R. Thus in 5 days, I would have done 15 different modules or chapters in addition to the MCQs that are taking questions from all the Study Units in Gleim. While doing that, I decided to look at the number of MCQs in the Wiley Book… so I worked up the simple spreadsheet below:

 Chessiq - MCQs time needed computation

 It looks like the Wiley Book has only 1044 questions, and from my calculations, I can hammer those out in 30 hours, if I spend about 1 ½ minutes per question. This is way less than the 2000+ questions on the Gleim TestPrep CD. So, my goal will be to go through all the Wiley questions and thus have touched all the chapters by Friday, 8/21/09. Saturday, I will read/skim here and there, and do simulations, and then on Sunday, I will get back to Gleim and just enjoy my life with a ton of 24 MCQs. Monday, 8/24/09, I will review my notebook and any other hand-written notes. Tuesday, 8/25/09, last minute review and take the exam. Then blog about my exam experience. Wednesday, I will enjoy the day. Thursday, I will check to see if my results for Auditing and Attestation (AUD) came out in wave 1. Lord, please give me the drive and the patience!

 In the evernote screenshot above, the Wiley MCQs for Federal Securities Acts and Antitrust Law are what’s on the menu once I post this. I have already checked in the time… and by the way, I just found out that the Wiley CD has a few more questions than the book. For example, the chapter/module I am going to tackle next, the book has 44 questions while the CD has 56. That’s okay by me. Good thing I have a buffer in my plan!

I had said in my last post that I would give an update on how Saturday, 8/15/09, went. Well, let’s just say I did some decent studying. It looks like I will be heading home around midnight again. Not excuses, no accusations!

 Okay, I have to post this and start on those MCQs.

 It is a wonderful life!


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