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August 4, 2009

CPA Exam REG preparation (13 days to go)

Filed under: CPA,REG — Steve (Chessiq) @ 11:50 pm

Today was pretty busy at work. We have made some good progress. We should be able to print the draft financials by EOD tomorrow. I got home around 10:50pm. I stayed late because I had to do some reconciliations before I left and some of the accounts were a little problematic. Anyway, they will be fixed first thing tomorrow morning.

Preparation for REG did not happen today. I slept late last night. After I finished Study Unit 3, I decided to destress a little bit and I overdid it. I slept well past 2am, so I woke up around 7am today, all tired, and all I could do was get ready for work. Almost the whole accounting team went to lunch together, so no studying happened at lunch. I have worked continuously from around 1:30pm til 10:30pm or thereabout, so I didn’t study in the evening either. So, that’s a lost day. May be I could study instead of writing this? Sure, would it make up for the time lost? A little bit.

I will set up the next study unit, and then sleep. Hopefully, tomorrow, I will study before going to work. I know tomorrow will be a long day as well, so, the earliest I can hope to study as normal, would be Thursday.

Yesterday, I considered rescheduling my exam. May be I will.

It is a wonderful life.


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