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August 3, 2009

CPA Exam REG preparation (14 days to go)

Filed under: CPA,REG — Steve (Chessiq) @ 8:32 pm

This will be a long no-study night for me; month end close is here. We need to finish up (at least with the draft financials) by this Wednesday night. A few people are going out of town, so we really don’t have much leeway.

Last night went almost as planned, so I am a little happy with that. I just went over the multiple choice questions at the AIPCA website. Obviously, I expected to see a few questions whose Study Units I had not gone over yet, as I was only two Study Units in. I did okay; 3 out of 5. I didn’t do the simulation for two reasons. It would have taken longer to do, and I think it was on a topic that I have not studied, so why waste time?

I woke up at 6am – I think – and I started studying at 6:15am.; Study Unit 3 is Agency.  There are 62 multiple choice questions in this Study Unit. I think I did about 20 or 25 by the time I stopped studying. I took a few notes. Most of the stuff I knew because I have been listening to CDs in my car when I drive, so I catch some things. Another reason is that Agency may be the easiest Study Unit in the whole “module” or section – I think. At lunch, I took my computer to one of the conference rooms and did a few multiple choice questions as I ate. I think I am not on question 50.

Anyway, I should get back to work, so that tomorrow can be a better/easier day, (workwise). I think I will do the remaining 12 questions when I get home, that way this Study Unit will be behind me.

It is a wonderful life.



  1. sounds like you are right on track! Taking a night off it a good idea – especially to put work first 🙂 only two more weeks to go!

    Comment by Morgan — August 4, 2009 @ 11:47 am | Reply

    • Hi there! Work is keeping me quite busy, and it will be like that for a while… at least a week. I don’t feel like I am right on track, but I will keep plugging away as much as I can. It is a little scary. Yesterday I was thinking about moving my exam date to the 29th. I may end up doing that anyway. The last thing I want is to flop both AUD and REG, so I would like to give myself as good a chance as possible to pass. We will see.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Comment by Steve (Chessiq) — August 4, 2009 @ 10:25 pm | Reply

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