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July 22, 2009

CPA exam prep – REG – day overview#02

Filed under: AUD,CPA,REG — Steve (Chessiq) @ 10:01 pm

34 days to go - www.math.niu.edu6:30am – 8:20am Woke up. Stretching, sit-ups, etc 30 reps. Shower. Iron/press work clothes. Breakfast. 1 load of laundry. Prayed. Read mission statement, goals, dreams, etc. Packed lunch. Drove to work. Started work at 8:20am.

1:15pm – 2pm – studied while having lunch. Finished REG study notes 1 at cpacfa. I just wanted something light, without too much detail and different from the AICPA ethics that I was studying yesterday. Individual Taxation was not bad. I think I will spend my lunches reading the notes at cpacfa. If I keep at it, then I may be able to go over those notes 5 times before the exam. I can then do my “normal” studying – book, audio CDs, DVD, and MCQs when I am not thinking about getting back to work. 

6:pm – 10pm – Off work. Talked to co-workers for a bit (20 minutes or so – about pets!). Cooked dinner. Facebook. Read a bunch of blogs. Commented on one or two blogs. Cleaned up items used to cook dinner. Now I am updating this. I thought it was important to update my “REG prep journal” even though I didn’t accomplish much. It will give me motivation to do better next time. I will try to finish before 10pm so that I can put in an hour of studying before going to bed.

10pm – ???pm REG MCQs (I will update in tomorrow’s post).

I was thinking about AUD the other time and I found out that I could have answered part of the question I pretty much left unanswered if I had done a “horizontal window split” instead of vertical! I tried the vertical and things didn’t fit well, so I was flipping between two tabs… one with the data, the other with the question… UUURRRGGH! Anyway, now I know!

Good night!

It is a wonderful life!


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