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July 21, 2009

CPA exam prep – REG – day overview#01

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8:30am ~ 6:40pm work. Went out to lunch, so didn’t study.

Drove home.

7:15pm – 8:08pm Gleim Book up to p.26. AICPA Ethics.

Break; did dishes; snacked; ate dinner between 8:40pm and 8:50pm. Probably read a page or half page while eating. Cleaned/washed my dinner stuff. Prepared to cook rice – part of the rest of the week’s lunches and dinners. I think Basmati rice is the best 😉 Spoke with my friend “Sting”.

9pm ~ 10:15pm Gleim Book up to p.34. AICPA Ethics. It is not the most interesting stuff to read. On the one hand, it is common sense, on the other hand, it is detailed and specific, and it appears you just need to know the exceptional situations. I didn’t take any notes. I usually take my notes when I do the MCQs.

I have 10 pages to go – to finish this study unit. I am happy with what I have done today, considering it is a day right after the horrible AUD exam. I put in my 2 hours; it is less than the 4 planned, but it is okay for today.

Goals going forward:

  • Read faster – (more like scanning to get the general idea)
  • Work no more than 9 hours unless it is month end
  • Get to work early, between 8am and 8:30am and leave by 6pm so that I can rest, study, and sleep by 10pm
  • Spend 15 minutes cleaning/decluttering/whatever, each day. If there is nothing to clean, meditate, or pray. Some positive act during my study break.
  • Read my mission statement first thing in the morning, last thing at night.
  • Stretch, do sit-ups, shower before going to bed (not sure if I should do the exercise before I shower in the morning. Probably that’s a good idea, as that will wake me up and get me going. I will see.)
  • No more discussing AUD or thinking about it (too much)
  • Decided that I will not check my AUD results until after I take REG (so help me God!)

“Effect of actual or threatened litigation (Interpretation 101-6)”

Word of the day: “Cross-claims”

It is a wonderful life.


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