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June 24, 2009

Humility – lessons from past mistakes

Filed under: Happiness,Meditation,Thoughts and Reflections — Steve (Chessiq) @ 11:28 pm

I have remembered a couple of times when I probably made a fool of myself without knowing it because I was trying to act as if I knew enough or a lot about a subject that I did not, and there were subject-matter experts around who could have called my bluff! Such memories alternately fill me with remorse for my acts, laughter for the naivety and stupidity, and wonder at how patient and accommodating the other people were with me during my acts. The last point fills me with humility. First to prevent future acts of the same because by pretending to know more than you truly do, you lose face instead of saving face! Second, a determination to “pay it forward”. I need to learn to be patient and accommodating and kind to people who are now going through the phases that I went through. Sometimes we don’t look back enough at our life experiences to see that we are not perfect. I am not. I can only hope to become better as flashes of my imperfect past resurface in my mind.

Sometimes you don’t appreciate how “dumb” you were until you become truly knowledgeable and/or experienced.

So, it is my prayer to act and be humble regarding my “assets”.

As a parting note, this reminds me of Jesus’ instruction… that when you are invited to a party, do not sit yourself at the high table, because when a more important guest arrives, you may be asked to give up your seat for the guest and you would be embarrassed; if on the other hand, you sit yourself at a lower level table, and the host sees you and thinks you should be at a higher table, he will come and get you to be seated at the higher table, and you would be elevated in the eyes of your peers. (Of course, I have paraphrased.)

It is a wonderful life.


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