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June 1, 2009

Waiting for CPA exam results while preparing for AUD

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After my exam last Friday, I decided to start studying Auditing and Attestation (AUD) as soon as possible. Saturday morning, I decided to give Wiley testprep CD 14.0 a chance. For the past two exams I didn’t use it at all because I just didn’t like the “design”. One of the things I didn’t like was that I had to scroll up down to see a short answer – this really irritated me when I got a question wrong! In addition, the pop-up answer covered the partially covered the multiple choice options and you cannot move it to the side. How … smart is that!? The other reason is that (I think) I read that it only keep track of the last 3 sessions… So, I went ended up buying Gleim’s testprep CDs (I paid about $55 each for FAR and BEC and downloaded the software). Anyway, I re-read the Wiley “manual” or contents section and played around with it and I thought, since I am trying to save money, I could force myself to make do with it and see how I like it. I found that there was a text link… that gave you excerpts from the book relevant to the question being asked. I really liked (and still like) that idea. I guess you can read almost half of the book – the important stuff by reading the excerpts as you go! (You = me!)
The past couple of days I have done several things… I have finished watching the first DVD of the Yaeger lectures which covered Engagement Planning and Risk Assessment, and Internal Controls; I have finished Engagement Planning and Assessing Risks (Wiley AUD book – first module or chapter), and I have gone through all the multiple choice questions related to the first module – 125 questions. I didn’t do great, something like 67%. As always, I don’t worry about my first pass through. When I read the book or review my notes I should be okay.
My goal is to be at least half-way done when the exams start coming out in the next 3 weeks! My thoughts are alternating between… “I passed both FAR and BEC”, “I passed BEC but barely failed FAR”, and “I barely failed both FAR and BEC”! With that, what my reaction will be… how I will communicate the news to my family, bosses, workmates, and friends. I would like to think I passed both parts.

In the mean time, Auditing and Attestation rules!

It is a wonderful life.


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