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May 25, 2009

BEC – 4 days to go

Filed under: BEC,CPA — Steve (Chessiq) @ 9:16 pm

I am a little tired. Lots more work to do. I won’t go into the details of how I have done on various study units. I am a little bit behind schedule. A little bit. I will change the way I will study what’s remaining. Instead of going through all the multiple questions in a study unit like I have been doing so far, I will do sets of 20 questions and spend an hour on each study unit. I would like to think that I will be okay. I finished Information Technology yesterday, and today, I did most of Planning and Budgeting.

Speaking with my uncle earlier, he asked me how Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) was, and I told him it was tough. Sometimes you have to lower expectations that way the result doesn’t kill anybody. I think I passed, but I didn’t wanna say that. Anyway, he mentioned something about my cousin who is doing 2 Masters degrees and usually scores over 95% in his tests… It was meant to encourage me to work harder… that I have the potential to do that. Only if I could not cram! Or if I was that interested. May be I should prepare for the CPA the way I prepare for Chess when I really want to win. I cram, but not this bad. May be because I am good at Chess, and I enjoy it more than I enjoy Accounting? Anyway, change of course going forward. I will do go through this the best way I can, but AUD and REG should be ready for a monster me!

Let’s see what the next 3 hours will bring. Shooting to sleep by midnight. CPA – BEC, here I come 😉

I am not sure if I will make any posts between tomorrow and Friday, 5/29. I will make some notes on my preparation and progress to be posted after the exam. Til then!

It is a wonderful life!


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