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May 24, 2009

BEC – 5 days to go

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I went to the library at around 1pm. The next Study Unit was International Trade. This has 90 multiple choice questions! Ouch! I think I was at the library til 3:30pm when the private study room was needed. I was tired, so I came home to grab a can of soup and drove off to work. I read some magazine for about an hour – just relaxing for a little bit, and then I finished off Study Unit 7. Got an average of 74: Advantages of International Trade 66; Trade Barriers 86; Foreign Currency Rates and Markets 76; and Balance of Payments 71. I didn’t think it was a bad first pass through. I took another break to catch up on soccer, basketball, and politics.

I think I went back to the books around 7:35pm. I had decided that I had seen enough numbers, economics and/or finance-related subject matter, so I decided to switch and jump around and go to Information Technology. So, I did Information Technology I from 7:35pm – 9:41pm, 66 questions, and got a horrible average 62%. It got me wondering if my I.S. background is any good. I told myself that it has been a while since I studied or looked at anything IT-related in the minute-detail that these questions were asking. Most of it was rote… enough of the excuses! Let’s see the breakdown: Role of Business Information Systems 54; Risks Associated w/ B.I.S. 68; Roles and Responsibilities w/n the IT function 69; Systems Development and Design 61. Well, that was Study Unit 11. Another break.

I downloaded Audacity software from the Internet to record Arvo Part’s Spiegel im Spiedel — a classical music gem. I copied the recording over several times to last 8 hours, so that I can use it when I am working or studying without replaying or repeating it too many times. I think I will do that with one or two of Mozart’s pieces that I really like. Back to the computer for more studying.

From 11pm til 12:25am, I did Study Unit 12, Information Technology II, 57 questions, and got an average 71: Hardware 82; Software 70; Networks – classified by Extent and Function 70; Networks -classified by Equipment and Protocol 77; and Internet and Intranet 40! The last one makes it look so bad… I got 2 out of the 5 questions! and you know how the value/stakes go up when you have fewer “options” —- averages. Again, not excuses. I would like to think that the two questions had to do with Internet than Intranet! Anyway, I felt it was not a bad first pass through! It was a combination of studying and test-taking. Another break.

I drove home – and ate… dinner?!? around 1:15am. I think I slept after that. I don’t remember reading the simpledollar or mrsmicah – some of the blogs that I like. I woke up at 6am – sort of. Went to manutd.com to see if the last game against Hull was on. It wasn’t. I logged on mutv to turn on the live commentary, and somehow I crushed again until around 11:30am. I must have been tired from having a long day yesterday and not sleeping well the day before. Anyway, I listened to the soccer match while researching some salary information in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The computer froze a couple of times and I took it to mean God wanted me to start studing again!

From 1:53pm til 3:29pm, I did Study Unit 13, Information Technology III, 67 questions, and I got an average 77: Operating Systems 80; Security 77; Types of Data Files 60%; Nature of Binary Data Storage 100; and File Organization and Access Methods 77. The 100 is coming from getting 3 questions out of 3! As explained above, the fewer the items… However, it does not skew the average, as the system looks at the total correct questions divided by the total questions for the Study Unit. I told myself, not a bad first pass through!

That’s my progress so far on the CPA exams’ Business Economics and Concepts (BEC) so far.

I guess I should eat something and then coming back to the books and see if I can get to Study Units 14 (Information Technology IV, 82 questions), 15 (Information Technology V, 66 questions), and 16 (Planning and Budgeting, 153 questions) before the day is over.

It is a wonderful life.


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