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May 23, 2009

BEC – 6 days to go

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After posting the intro and update, I had dinner, and then I talked to a friend for a while, and then I hit the books. (More like hit the computer!) I finished Study Unit 5 Microeconomics – didn’t do too badly – a 75. I then tackled Study Unit 6 – Macroeconomics – not great – 73. I am doing all the multiple questions in each study unit. It is my first time to go through the Study Units, so in a way, I am not feeling as bad as I would otherwise, if I had studied anything about these things and then I was not able to get to the scores I would like. I slept around midnight. Study Unit 6 took me about 2.5 hours, and I think there were 67 questions, so that’s about 2.25 min per question. I think it is a reasonable time considering I am studying as I go. My weakest area in Macroeconomics was Monetary Policy, but I think I have it down pat; the 73 was average of all various Macroeconomics sections. I think I got a 65 in Monetary Policy; Three Principal Issues in Macroeconomics 76; Domestic Output, National Income, and Price Levels 72; Business Cycles 100; and Fiscal Policy 80.

Even though I went to bed after midnight, my mind was still very active… but I also had a very bad splitting headache. I turned off all the lights except the one in the closet, and had some Gospel music going on itunes to relax me to sleep. I think I slept after an hour or so. I still have a minor headache, and I think it is due to looking at the computer for too long with focused attention and thinking non-stop. It is almost like I am playing tournament Chess again!

Anyway, my goal is to do Study Units 7 through 11 today, 12-16 tomorrow, and 17-20 on Memorial day. Then Tuesday-Thursday, I will spend 3 hours each day taking tests. I think I will do 30 questions/30 minute tests, so that’s 6 a day and that will get me up to speed. Normally when I take tests I spend about a minute a question, and if it’s tough or needed calculations, I will give it 2-3 minutes. So, time management during tests is not my worry.

I am heading out to the library. This is 12:09pm, and I will be there til 4:45pm. I hope to do two Study Units when I head out. Then I will head out to work… not to work, but to study, until I finish the other 3 units.
Cramming is not great, but flopping is worse. I think if I stick to my plan, I will do just fine.

What is my Marginal Propensity to Study (MPS)? How about my Multiplier? Marginal Propensity to Cram (MPC)I would like to think that my Multiplier is 1/(1-MPC). I am working towards making MPS larger. It is going to negatively affect the multiplier, but in this case, I am not worried about it since I know that when I study, I retain quite a bit. May be I should stop this and go study/cram 😉

So, that’s it for today on preparing for BEC on my way to becoming a CPA.

It is a wonderful life.


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