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November 30, 2008

How did I “live” without you?

Filed under: Happiness,Thoughts and Reflections — Steve (Chessiq) @ 8:07 pm

In the past couple of days and weeks, I have read a couple of books that have made me wonder how I lived without the knowledge newly obtained. It was not the first time that I had read a book and felt really blessed to have read it; but it was the first time that a question like that crossed my mind with regard to knowledge. There have also been times when I have spoken with a friend or an acquaintance or watched or listened to something and I end up being grateful that I got to live through the past couple of minutes or hours or days… however long that experience took.

So, in trying to address the question – how did I “live” without you? – there are several ways to look at it.

First, notice that live is in quotation marks, ” “, because sometimes the new knowledge or experience changes the way one is going to live one’s life forever. It is almost like one has come to the realization that prior to this knowledge or experience, he was dead, and going forward, he is going to live. Hence, if one was “dead” prior to the experience or knowledge, one cannot ask the question – how did I “live” without you? – for one never lived prior to living this new life.

I had several responses to this question… among which were – “you lived the best way you could, without this knowledge” – or “you lived a sub-optimal life because you didn’t know how best to live without this knowledge” – or “it does not really matter” – sort of dismissive.

Whatever the case, I decided to continue on this path or these paths of discovering more and better ways to live (life). For me, of the major avenues is information/knowledge. For others, it may be interactions with people; prayer; new skills; meditation…  HOWEVER, I believe, that without thinking and seeking understanding of that avenue, the potential new life can pass one by. What I am saying is that, as I walk, I have to think about the step I have taken, why I have taken that step, how the step feels, where the step is taking me, and how my life is going to change with this new step… and then take next step. Is that the best way to walk? I think so.


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