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December 9, 2007

Thankful for good hearty laughter

Filed under: Fun (Jokes etc),Happiness,Health,Thanksgiving — Steve (Chessiq) @ 11:56 am

Yesterday, I laughed so hard, ~~I think I dropped a tear or two~~ at this Mourning Wood Extreme video: (thanks, Catdiva!)

Today, I have had several similar experiences… one was watching Stephen Colbert on youtube. Whether he is “praising” George W. Bush or talking to Charlie Rose or running for President, he is amazingly funny!

The other hearty-laughter times have been when reading A.J. Jacobs’ THE KNOW-IT-ALL. So far I have made it to baculum and you just have to read the story to see what I am talking about.

A.J Jacobs is my all-time favorite, funniest, and yet instructive, story-teller (both written & audio).

So, I am thankful for all the times that I have laughed – which is pretty frequent – and the many times that I have laughed so hard I cried with laughter, which is not as frequent!


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