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September 16, 2007

The God of New Beginnings

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Today at church, the sermon was about the God of new beginnings. One of the Readings was on the Prodigal Son, found in Luke 15. The lost are given a chance if they decide to go back to the Father. During the Sermon, the priest mentioned the politics of the Church in the selection of Pope John XXIII; he was selected as a “fill-in-Pope” because of his advanced age. The Cardinals were trying to avoid “controversial figures” among themselves; people who could bring drastic change to the Church. They reasoned that the old guy would hang around for a couple of years and then die without much “activity”. However, the old guy they went for is the one who brought about significant changes most of which arose from the Second Vatican Council. The priest mentioned that Pope John XXIII believed that each day was a new day, chance, opportunity, to make an impact, to live life fully.

I chose to look at how this homily can be applied to every day life:

1 – When you get up, you can look at your life the way Pope John XXIII looked at his life. It’s a new day. A new opportunity to make changes that can improve your life and/or the life of those you come in contact with. It may be something that you have been putting off for a while, like reconciling with an old foe, or cleaning your desk at home or work.

2 – I have always believed that love gets better the next time around. It’s just a personal belief. It helps me to handle break-ups better. It helps me to love the next person better. It helps me to let go of the past, and embrace the new situation and give it a chance. It helps me to accept people as they are. It is not a grass is greener on the other side attitude. It is just an attitude that you adopt when the grass on this side has disappeared. You don’t spend time going back to how ol’ grass tasted. This attitude can be applied to loss of a job. You can tell yourself that you will get a better one and work towards achieving that. You can apply it to a broken car/computer/etc… after you fix it, it drives/works better.

3 – There are times when you make a mistake or mistakes and you cannot see how God comes into the picture. (He is always in the picture, by the way.) So, you just need to look at whatever happened as a thing of the past. You are starting off anew; wiser, better informed, and determined to not repeat the mistake. You focus on how you want to live your life, henceforth.

The application comes from the fact that we are created in the image of God. If He can gives us a new beginning after we mess up, then we have the power to do the same. We can give ourselves a new beginning in the non-spiritual world.


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