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August 26, 2007

How many pictures for a life story?

Filed under: Reason for Breathing,Thoughts and Reflections — Steve (Chessiq) @ 3:08 pm

It’s been said, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. I decided to go through all my pictures and try to “reconstruct” my life from it. It was an enlightening undertaking. It was interesting to see myself change. To see the friends I have had over the years. I tried to figure out what I was thinking or feeling. It was interesting to see how my wardrobe changed, and I tried to figure out why it changed. Was it for a day or for a season. It was nice to remember the happy times I shared with some people that are now in the distant past or will soon move to the past if things don’t change. I miss(ed) playing Chess at tournaments and getting trophies. It was nice to see graduation pictures.

I decided to go through my pictures one more time and write my thoughts and feelings behind them… and I need to find a way to do that with the digital ones! I have huge chunks of my life without any pictures for them. May be I have emails? May be letters? May be memories? One of my friends once told me that it is not for the money, for what good is the money if you cannot enjoy it? It is not for the people to see, you have to be true to yourself. It is all for the memories and experiences; the stuff that makes you smile when you think back. As I grow older and wiser, it all rings true. Hopefully, I am able to create good memories for myself and other people as I pass through this life.

There are some things that cannot be captured on a picture or video for one reason or another, but there are there. Pictures are just a small part of the story… I wonder how many pictures would I need to tell my whole life story?

Another year gone, another one begins. Thanks for the past years and also for this new year.

For stories in pictures, here is a good site.


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