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August 14, 2007

How to pray/ask for help

Filed under: Meditation,Reason for Breathing — Steve (Chessiq) @ 8:37 pm

A couple of days ago, somebody dear to me needed help with something. He left me a message that I didn’t respond to “fast enough”. The person got mad at me – or at least that’s how I felt when I received the follow-up message. First, there was a sense of entitlement to the help, which I don’t mind. I am honored to the be his buddy, and also that he assumes that I am able to help. Second, he wrote/implied that since I didn’t reply to the first message, I didn’t care. Third, I got some advice on how to be a good friend etc.
My reaction was defensive at first. I think it still is. First, it is my life/money/energy/whatever. I can do/live/use it however I want. Second, how does he know that I have the money/energy/resource that he needs? Third, how much does he know about my life to draw all these conclusions and offer advice?
I thought about writing back like that and then I thought better of it. I slept over it. I am glad I did.
Anyway, this incident made me think about how I ask for help from God. I noticed/realized that my prayers do not really give God much choice but to provide for my needs as soon as possible. If He delays, I am not always a happy camper. I judge his love on how fast and how much he provides. Sometimes I need things so bad, yet my prayer (posture, commitment, etc) does not reflect how dire my situation is. I also forget that God has a right to do with all He owns, however He wants to. Last but not least, I don’t thank God as much as I should. I think that Thanksgiving should, at a minimum, reflect how much your life has changed due to the help/grace you have received.
This made me understand how God feels about my prayers. It also made me understand what my friend was going through.
I hope I will become a better person through that experience.


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