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August 12, 2007

Why God Does NOT Worry

Filed under: Meditation — Steve (Chessiq) @ 12:21 am

About a year ago, a friend referred me Sermons online. I think it was http://www.sermonaudio.com. My favorite preacher was Dr. Gary Reimers. I am not sure if it was him or somebody else, but somebody mentioned that we share God’s character… Love, Jealousy, Intelligence, etc – everything but Worry! I cannot remember exactly what the explanation was. I was meditating on this the other day, and I wondered if top Medical Doctors worry less about health issues than lay people. If top Lawyers worry less about how the law is applicable to a particular case than the person being represented (assuming it is a lay person). If Novelists worry less about their writing style than I do… etc. If computer nerds worry less about computer stuff than… me. I chose to answer YES to all these questions! (I think it is true for the most part.)

I also noticed that when I played Chess and somebody employed an opening that I knew a lot about, my stress level went down. I think it also happened when I knew most of the questions on an exam.

May be it is time for you to reflect on what you are good at doing. When you are doing whatever it is: cooking, talking, driving, writing, helping, listening… whatever it is, how much do you worry? My guess is: not at all. There is a solution to worry: absolute knowledge or understanding of what’s worrying you! Once you know it or understand it completely, I think you will get peace of mind.

In conclusion, I believe the reason why God Does NOT Worry, is because He is an absolute expert in everything. Love, Knowledge, Presence, Wisdom, Love, Compassion, Creativity, … Everything!


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