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August 12, 2007

Who IS Your Primary Beneficiary?

Filed under: Meditation,Thoughts and Reflections — Steve (Chessiq) @ 12:19 am

I know from playing Chess that my winning tournaments at times depended upon somebody losing/winning! In a way, I was the primary beneficiary of the (favorable) result. Somebody’s loss benefited me the most. “Who IS Your Primary Beneficiary?” is usually an insurance question? When you die, who do you want to be the ‘person’ to benefit the most from your death? (That is my interpretation. As always, my disclaimer: all my writing is just my opinion. It is not to be construed as advice…)

The thought of dying so that somebody should benefit… kind of sucks! Even though at times, I cherish the idea – that if I died, so and so would be better off… financially.

Sometimes the things that happen in one’s life are not beneficial to the person/victim/subject… whatever you call the person who has experienced an event. It may be for the benefit of other people – related or unrelated to the person. Here are a couple of stories that will illustrate this point.

1) One of my best friends worked in a nursing home, taking care of old people. His new boss sucked and he was fired and in no time he was in dire straits. He was out of a job for while and then he heard that there was this rich guy who needed home care. He went to meet him – (interview). The rich guy was in his early 40s! He, however, had a debilitating disease that pretty much incapacitated him, except for his sharp mind. Surely, one would wonder why God would allow somebody with Money and “everything” in life to suffer like that. To not enjoy the fruits of his labor etc. Another way to look at it is that his disease created a job for my desperate friend. One may ask if this is a good enough explanation for the rich guy’s condition. Can he take solace in knowing that his suffering is helping somebody else? I do not know. But I am sure that the rich guy was not the primary beneficiary of the disease. Other people, like my friend, drug companies, etc benefited from it.

2) When I was going through a rough time (See here) I worked as a courier. I ended up in areas/places that I never thought I would ever find myself in. I knew downtown like the palm of my hand. I knew outskirts just as well. Now, 3 years later, I can give directions to my friends without really thinking about it. I go to a place and I know I have been there before and I know when traffic will be bad etc. Did I have to go through what I went through in order to be “the king of directions”? Was all that beneficial to me? I don’t know. I know that the people who benefit from my knowledge are glad that they know me and that I have excellent knowledge of this city.

“God never wastes an experience.” – not sure who said this, but I believe it.


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