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August 12, 2007

Thinking one’s way to weight loss

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I think that by looking at things that may make people fat, and thinking about ways to avoid those things, and then putting our findings into practice, one can lose weight. I know that not all people have weight issues because of what they do=eat.

I assume, however, that for the majority of people, their weight issues are due to eating much more than they need. The net (food/calories) has to go somewhere. It is like money. If you make more than you spend, you will have excess/savings/investments. If you spend more than you make, you will be in debt. If you eat less than your body needs you will lose weight, or be malnourished in an extreme case. If you eat more than your body needs, your body will keep some of that and you will gain weight, or be fat in an extreme case. Simple.


Eat just what your body needs.

How do you eat just what your body needs? First, stop eating just because you have seen the food. It is like any addiction. If you see it and you want and you go for it, you know that problems are on the way. Whatever it is: sex, money, clothes, shoes, … you cannot always go get it just because you want it. Need is the better measure of whether you should get it or not. So, do you need to eat? How do you measure that? Are you hungry? Are you really hungry? If the answer is yes, go ahead and get the food. You had to think before you got the food. (You asked if you felt hunger, and if you needed to eat. That’s thinking.) So you have to continue thinking as you get the food and as you eat.

Getting the food.

How much should you get? If you take too much, you will eat more than the hunger that you have, and your body will keep some of it and this will not help you lose weight. You are doing the same thing you have always done, only a different way.

Eating the food.

I will not tell you that you should count to 32 before you swallow it, but I will say that you need to watch or be aware of how much hunger is still remaining as you eat. Once the hunger has disappeared, you should stop or you should take no more than a couple of bites. What’s the point? To avoid over eating.

I know exercise is important, but I have not thought about how thinking can be incorporated into exercise as a way to lose weight. Of course, exercise speeds up metabolism which burns off extra ‘fat’. I guess that’s a topic for another day!

How would you go about losing weight if you had to?


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