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August 12, 2007

Thinking about Mom on Father’s day! Thank you Mom, 32 years later!

Filed under: Meditation,Reason for Breathing — Steve (Chessiq) @ 12:27 am

I am happy with how I turned out to be. I can cook at home for myself and for my friends. I clean up after myself. I can think pretty good. I can pray. I THINK I am a good person. I can love. I can express myself pretty good. I can be decisive. I can pick myself up after falling. I was not always like that! My mom prayed hard, shaped me up (literally and figuratively) pretty good, almost gave me up at one time,… she overdid some of the things. But it’s okay because there were times when I went overboard. I pray to God each day that my kids won’t cause me as much problems as I caused my mom. Now, looking back, I see that I wouldn’t be the person I am today had it not been for my mom. I didn’t always agree with her. I still see faults with her. But I know that I am who I am because of her. I wouldn’t trade her for any other. So even though I am not her perfect son, (I don’t care whether I am or not. She loves me anyway and I love her back!) – I want her to know that I appreciate all the work she put into me. I wish I could pay her back for the great work she did. If I go wrong from now on, it is not because of what she didn’t do; it is because of Steve. Me. So, as I am turning 32 years in a couple of months, I would like to say Thanks to my mom. Thank you Mom, 32 years, later!

(How is this related to Chess? Not sure… but she encouraged me to play the game even though it didn’t make sense to her what I was doing. She provided the money for me to take the bus to go to my friend, Zenga’s place to play Chess with him. She provided a room for my friends and I to play and eat when they came to my place to play Chess for the whole day. She bought my first couple of Chess books… and these books were not cheap. So Chess has to thank my mom for whatever good I have brought to the game!


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