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August 12, 2007

Think and Grow Rich, blogger! (Intro)

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I wrote earlier about Blog and Be Rich. I just skimmed the book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill and I have a game plan – read the book – as it is written. Write about what I have read that day and how to implement it in my writing endeavor. So far, the things do not seem too bad:

1. Thought: – I thought my way into blogging and will continue to do so.

2. Desire: – I have the desire to make this a success.

3. Faith: – I think I do have faith in everything I undertake. I have faith that things will work out just fine if I do my best.

4. Auto-suggestion: – I have done this before. It has been a while since I wrote an auto-suggestion formula. Write now all I have is a list of 101 goals in 1001 days that I review every day. I will do something very specifically for the blog.

5. Specialized Knowledge: – I think I have specialized knowledge and/or talents. Thinking is a skill that I can share. Chess is another skill. I have accounting and business knowledge. I can also learn other things and share them. So this is not a problem.

6. Imagination: – Being a Chess player, these should not be too bad.

7. Organized Planning: – I am a planner. I will come up with something before too long. I will share it with you.

8. Decision: – I am not sure about what the book will discuss. If it is the decision to write here. Then that is done with. But I am sure there are other decisions and commitments that need to be made.

9. Persistence: – I could have given up a couple of times. First, when the my domain could not come online because I messed up something. Then I had a problem finding a template/theme that I really liked. It is the small things that usually make me quit. No readers, no money from the blog, no technical know-how. I am learning things as I am going along. So I am staying. I have to make it to the finish line.

10. Power of the Master mind: – I think I have an idea what this means. I think it is like a group of people working together to achieve a desired goal. I will have to read about this and I will come back and fix it.

11. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation: – let’s do it! (Let’s transmutate!) Not sure what this means. I need to read the book.
12. The Subconscious Mind – the connecting link – (I think this will delve into the auto-suggestion stuff.

13. The Brain: – Thank God I have one that works!
14. The sixth sense: – I know what this is, but I will need to see how it is used in the book.

15. How to outwit the six Ghosts of fear. Not sure about what my fears are as it relates to blogging. I saw a self-analysis questionnaire somewhere. So may be when I get to it I will know my other fears.


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