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August 12, 2007

The Importance of Death

Filed under: Meditation,Thoughts and Reflections — Steve (Chessiq) @ 1:23 am

This will be brief, but I will expand on it later. I was thinking about Hell. One of the descriptions of hell in the Bible is that it is a bottomless pit. I wondered why it would have to be bottomless? One reason could be so that it is not full! If that’s the reason, why not make it wider? I presumed that the bottomlessness must matter to the sinner who is damned. It must be that once the sinner is tossed into hell, he will “start” falling… and he will feel that he is falling, and the feeling of falling from so high up will be scary,… and never ending, as the sinner will never hit the floor. I then wondered, wouldn’t the fact that you are not landing be comforting? For example, if you are jumping from a 100 story building, one of the most scary things is landing. If you were to fall from the same building and never land… would it be as scary? I don’t know. Thinking about all this led me to the next thought, the need for finality as we live here on earth. We don’t want to keep falling. We don’t want to be kids forever. We don’t want to remain in anyone state for too long. How would it be if we kept living, and living, and living? Would we get tired of living? Imagine living a life whereby you have been involved in 100 car accidents! (You can do it since you will survive them all!) Imagine contracting an incurable disease and living with it for 200+ years! Would billionaires give away most of their money? May be not! They would keep it for when they turn 4004 years old. How about wars? No deaths at all! So, as much as I don’t want to die, or I am not ready to die yet, I know it is an important part of life. It provides finality or resolution. It helps in decision-making. It spurs creativity. It enables generosity. It makes life worth living. It gives hope. These are just a few reasons why I think death is important.


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