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August 12, 2007

The Art of Forgiveness

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7/30/07 Update:-

I have decided to erase the post that I had on something that I had experienced a couple of days ago. I have decided to forgive and forget about the issue. Below is an update on forgiveness.

– Sometimes people do things that hurt you and yet they don’t mean it. May be they don’t know any better. May be they have other issues that they are dealing with and you just don’t know, and you may never know. It is best to just let go.

– When you forgive, you are the beneficiary. That comes from letting go of the baggage that you carry with you when you dwell on the hurt. It is best to just let go.

– When you forgive, you are free to become more creative. Hurt sucks away the creative energy.

– When you forgive, you have created two friends. For example, if you had 100 friends and you lost one because of the hurt you experienced from what they did, you would have 99 friends and 1 enemy. That nets out to 98 friends (may be less!). If you keep the friend, you have 100 friends and no enemies. 100 – 98 = 2.

– God is happier when you forgive. He forgives us many days each day.

– You show the face of God when you forgive. He is forgiveness and we are created in His own image.


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