He who seeketh, findeth

August 12, 2007


Filed under: Meditation,Thanksgiving — Steve (Chessiq) @ 12:16 am

Last night I wrote about Close Encounters. One of the examples I used was about a cop…
Well, it happened to me today. I was doing about 61 on a 60? May be a little more than 61. I looked in my rear view mirror and there was this car that I have seen before: dark blue, ‘unmarked’, but I could tell it was the car I never want behind me. So I kept going at my nice speed just because… After about two miles of being followed, it was Christmas time again – the lights were on. The cop was waiting for me to get to a point where I could make it to the shoulder. I pulled over and by the time he made it to my door – like 90 seconds after we had stopped – I had grabbed my license plate from the rear seat and it was on my lap(?), and I had my driver’s license and proof of insurance in my hand. I have described my car before (see #68 on my 101 goals). So I had to lower the rear window on the driver’s side since my driver’s window doesn’t work! Anyway, I smiled at him (almost laughed) and I was like, “my window doesn’t work..” Before I knew it, he flashed a smile back but my car door was open and he was peeping in. “I saw you grabbing your license plate from the back” – I was like, “Yeah, my old one got stolen and I got new plates not too long ago… and I haven’t had time to put them on the car…” Then he saw that I had my driver’s license out so he gestured that I give the license and proof of insurance to him. I did. He looked at them for 10 seconds, and said: “okay, you take care now” and gave me back my stuff! Phew!
I call this Grace not luck. I hope I won’t get a ticket before I have it fixed. Pray for me out there!
I am going to mail a check out… I got something in the mail and I was wondering whether to sponsor the Fraternal Order of Police… I guess I should. My way of saying thanks to the cop who was good to a good person! (I think I am a good person… not very humble of me to say that:-)


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