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August 12, 2007

Just a quick thought about Jesus’s intellect!

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I was in Church on 7/16/07 and one of the Readings was Luke 10: 25 – 37 and if you read it, you will notice that a scholar asked Jesus a question. Jesus answered him with a question which the scholar had an answer to. Jesus told him to do what was in his (the scholar’s) answer. The scholar decided to push the envelope and ask another question – most likely, he thought that he had a tougher question that would test the Lord’s intellect. It is not just because Jesus came up with a great answer that I am amazed by His intellect, but it is because He came up with an amazing story to answer the question. The amazement is not just coming from the story itself actually even though it is a wonderful story/parable. The amazement is coming from the fact that He did it so quickly and so effortlessly.

How do I know that He came up with the answer so quickly and effortlessly? Well, imagination. You have to visualize Jesus sitting there with his Disciples. He is teaching or talking to some passers by. This scholar shows up with a question. He asks a question and … you have assume that the question was answered instantly. It is not like Jesus had time to sleep over it or consult somebody or… it is like a conversation. Albeit a confrontational one. He answers the first question with a question that leads to an answer. Not to be outdone, the scholar came up with a quick question, a follow-up question. More like reporters do at a press conference! So Jesus had to answer it just as quickly, but with a profound story as a bonus!

I am not writing because I expected any less of God’s Son. It is because of things that we don’t get to look at in our day to day consideration of Jesus. If you asked people to mention the traits that Jesus had, most of them may mention love, holiness, empathy, etc. I am not sure that a very superior intellect will make the list. But He had the best intellect.


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