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August 12, 2007

How to buy more gas for less, or spend less on gas

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Not too long ago there was a hearing in Congress regarding gas companies/dealers/sellers and how they make money by selling consumers “hot” gas or “ghost” gas. The issue was that gas expands in the summer (duh!) and therefore when you go to a gas station to put gas in your automobile, your tank fills up quickly due to the expanded gas. The gas meter/pump charges you for the volume of gas you have put in the car. If you have a problem envisioning what I am talking about, let’s look at a simple example.

Let’s say you have a car that fills up with 104 gallons. Let’s also assume that gas expands (and occupies 4% more volume) when the weather gets to 80 degrees. So you go to a gas station to fill up your car. You would put 104 gallons of expanded gas. You would pay for 104 gallons which in actual fact is 100 gallons. So you are paying for 104 gallons when you are actually getting 100 gallons. (If it is very cold, as it is in the Winter, it works the other way round.)

So, how do you buy more gas for less (or spend less on gas)? Well, you can buy gas in Winter only! Not practical because you cannot buy and keep gas for future use like that. First, I believe it is against the law. (Or I hope so!) Second, why waste the money? But what you can do is to create your own “winter scenario”. The goal is to buy gas when the temperature is low. When the temperature is low (cold weather), the gas will contract and take up less space/volume. Thus more gas will be required to fill out the same volume. In your case… you will pay for only 104 gallons of cold/”contracted” gas when in fact you are getting more. Makes sense? If not, I will provide links at the end, that way you can read up some more on your own.

Back to the “winter scenario”. You will need to get to a gas station before it gets hot so that you can fill up your car with the cold, less voluminous gas. That’s the simple solution to buy more gas for less (until the law is changed to require temperature adjusted gas pumps).
Here are some links for more info:
NPR – Heat Throws Off Gas Pumps, and Motorists Pay

California Gas Stations Admit ‘Hot Fuel’ Ripoff and Put Decal on Pumps –Legislature Should Take Action


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