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August 12, 2007

Feed the Hungry, Save Forests, Rescue Animals, Save the Earth… with a few clicks! (Doable in less than 2 minutes)

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This is a guest-post from CatDiva, one of my best friends. She has a clever way to contribute to things that we (should) care about: The Hungry, Rain Forest, Lost Animals, The Earth… You just have to click to a few websites, make a few clicks, and then the sponsors will donate towards the causes that the websites promote. Below is what she does. You can do it too! It takes less than 2 minutes!

Let’s not forget something we can all do every day that doesn’t cost us a cent. Go to thehungersite.com everyday and click so that a sponsor will donate money for food on your behalf. I do this every day and then: when the thank you page for the hungersite comes up I scroll down and click on the link to the Animal Rescue site, when the thank you page for that site comes up, I click on the link to the Literacy site. After clicking on that one, when the thank you page comes up, I click on the Child Health site link, then on to the Breast Cancer site and I always save the rainforest site for last because when the thank you page for that comes up I can scroll all the way to the bottom and on the right is a link to ecologyfund.com where I can click to donate to five more causes and on the last thank you page from those I click on the red link to Wildglobe.com where you can click to save more rain forests.

If you have ideas, suggestions, etc on how we can save/contribute towards things we care about, please drop a comment. Thanks in advance!


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