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August 12, 2007

Close encounters – Graces we don’t think about

Filed under: Meditation,Thanksgiving — Steve (Chessiq) @ 12:14 am

A couple of weeks ago somebody stole my car’s rear license plate. I reported it to the Police when I found out. I was angry for a couple of days. May be a week! (Now I am ashamed of this admission.) I paid $12 or so for the replacement. Big deal because of the time I spent and also because … if I had invested that $12 at 5% per year and I didn’t touch if for the next 50 years, it would be worth… That’s for you to figure out. I also had to change my license plate number! I forgive you, thief!

Anyway, I have been driving my car without the rear license plate for a while because the thief ripped the old plate off the car so I cannot put a new one back in without punching holes in the ‘bumper’. I have the license plate in my car just in case a cop stops me. But having the plate in my car doesn’t stop a cop from giving me a ticket if he really wanted to – at least not in my State. There have been close calls when I had a cop by my side or right behind me! Aw! Phew! I will take care of it this weekend, I promise! While thinking about the many times I have escaped without getting a ticket, I thought about times when I played Chess and for some reason I left a piece hanging for no apparent reason or I missed something in my calculation. I would hold my breath, look away, or whatever until my opponent made a move – and if he missed taking advantage of it… I would exhale – a sigh of relief.

How are these two things related? In either case, it is not in my control what happens once the cop is behind me or once I make my move and it’s my opponent’s turn. The cop can stop me and give me a ticket. Rightly so. My opponent could take the piece and I would be on my way to losing a game… but Life intervenes and things happen to go my way. I think this is my definition of Grace. Favor received without effort on my part. I don’t deserve it, but I get it. I am sure there are more times that some unexplainable good things have happened to me, but I didn’t think of it as Grace. So, my next goal is to revisit my life and come up with at least 50 things that happened to me that I didn’t deserve. Things that I would call luck or whatever. I will meditate on these and hopefully be humbled by it. Goal 83 in on my 101 Goals List


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