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August 12, 2007

Blog and grow rich!

Filed under: Reason for Breathing,Thoughts and Reflections — Steve (Chessiq) @ 12:33 am

There are so many reasons why people blog. Some people do it to impart knowledge, express themselves, download thoughts and ideas, spend time, make money or all of the above. I have been blogging for a couple of weeks. My reasons for writing can be found by clicking here. In addition to the Chess-related goals, I was hoping to make some money through advertisements on the website. I have read a lot about monetizing your blog etc. No luck yet. Not much traffic yet. Not very encouraging yet. But I am not giving up yet! Since THINKING is the focus of what I write about – and probably the thing I spend most of my time doing, I wondered what THINKING had to do with making money as a blogger. I also wondered if I had thought about the money-making process as it relates to a new blogger. No I had not thought about that. These thoughts led me to a book I read a long time ago: “THINK AND GROW RICH” which can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here. So that is how I came up with the title of this piece: Blog and be rich. I will re-read the book in the next month or so and I will see how I can apply it to blogging. I will be writing a series: Think and Grow Rich, Blogger!

It will be my thoughts on how to think and blog successfully. Success to be defined by satisfied and happy readers, as well as the ability to make money of advertisements. Even though I have not opened the book yet, I have decided to not advertise for some time and just write quality pieces. I am a novice at this. Hopefully, I will be able to walk through this and encourage other novices to begin. I was once a Chess novice. I became an expert after much toil and thought. I think the same can be done with blogging. Wish me luck!


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