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August 12, 2007

$400.00 for … what? (The Heart of Chuck)

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Chuck is leaving my company. He got a better job somewhere. Everybody likes Chuck… He is a little serious I think. But he talks to everybody, and I think he is very humble. He is tall, may be in his late 40s… looks like a powerful executive – that he is. (One of the senior coaches. That’s what we call the presidential team at my company.)

Chuck and I talked, but I didn’t consider it special because – I small-talk with almost everybody at the company, so does he. He is up there. I am here. (Use your imagination!) So our talking was just that. Talk. I looked up to Chuck even though I didn’t know him that well. We went to lunch about a week ago because I had won “lunch with a coach” certificate. By the way, I am pretty favored by grace (lol! I don’t want to say lucky…) because of the other two items I wrote (one of them is here.) I win a lot of things, especially raffle draws for the Charity Committee at work. I am not sure why. Grace! Anyway, for the Easter Egg event, I won two certificates, one was lunch with the CEO and the other with the CIO, Chuck. I almost canceled or gave the certificates away because I wondered what we would talk about during lunch. I can make small talk – or talk a lot sometimes – but if I am apprehensive right from the start, I can be pretty tight-lipped. I am an introvert, by the way. Anyway, the first lunch was easy because a whole group of winners went with a whole group of coaches. One (lunch) done, one to go. I never brought it up when I met Chuck. Then one day, he was like, “you know I am leaving in 3 weeks, we need to schedule our lunch…” “Oh, yeah – let me know when you are ready. I am always ready”, I quipped. The day was last Wednesday. He took me to an Italian restaurant. I had decided to ask him about careers, about life, about money (because I am currently reading a lot about personal finance management). So we talked about all sorts of things. The advice he gave me was worth a lot – intellectually, career-wise, emotionally, etc. He asked me a couple of questions that required me to dig deep. There was a time when I asked him if he had a financial advisor. He was like, “yes I do, we do” (he and his wife). “Do you want me to give you his name?” I was like, “No, I don’t think I am there yet. I am just starting off.” He was like, “I take it you mean you don’t have a lot of money. We didn’t have a lot money either when we started with him… and he has guided us through buying and paying off our home, planning for retirement, savings, etc. So it is never too early (or too late) to start talking to somebody. They just have to be good and caring. We were lucky that we found somebody who was good, nice, and not a rip-off” etc. That was food for thought for me. That is not the $400 I received. Hold on! We talked some more … about golf… he likes to golf and fish. We had to go and he paid for the lunch. Today, a week later, B. calls me and was like, I have Chuck on the phone… I picked it up and I go, “Hey CHUCK!” … After small talk, he was like, “can you meet me outside, at the front of the building, I will be there in 3 minutes. Are you left-handed or right-handed?” I go… “right.. Why?” He goes… ‘I have something for you to help me carry, I wanted to know which side you will be on’. Weird! I go and wait for him… and he gets out. Small talk. He opens the back of his Honda SUV, and he pulls out a golf bag- fully equipped – plus glove and towel and balls… He gives it to me. “One of my bags. You had mentioned that you would like to start playing golf… I thought this would be a good start” – I mumbled a lot of Thank yous and other whys and … he didn’t care. The stuff is used, but in very good shape. He had 3 sets, so you can tell that he didn’t use this one much at all. I had talked to a few people and they told me that I could get a decent set of clubs, bag, etc for a little over $300. I was not going to get anything as good as what Chuck gave me. He wanted me to go put it in my car… (I guess because he didn’t want people to know that he had done something that good to me). Lucky enough, I didn’t have my car keys. I didn’t know I would get something to take to the car! So I had to take the bag inside, and since I talk to a lot of people at work… everybody was asking me about the golf bag/set/ … so I opened it and got lectured on what club was what, when to use it, the cute socks covering the drivers etc etc etc. So I am wondering why I have received over $400 from Chuck – the golf set is over $400.00, the lunch cost quite a bit, the advice and guidance was also great,… he introduced me to his wife at his happy hour last Friday… I was shying away and I thought I would get away with just waving at her. Chuck kept “beckoning”. I had to go and meet her! What have I done to deserve all this? I am not sure. I just thought I should write it all down. Get it off my mind and come back to meditate on it for a couple of days, weeks, months, years…

Some people are just good! Who is your Chuck? Are you a Chuck to somebody? So here is my next goal. Goal# 84: Be a Chuck in my own way. It doesn’t have to be big to make a difference… it is the heart of Chuck that matters.


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